Ebony Charges Dancehall Artist 5000$ For a Colloboration


Promising Dancehall Artist FishBoneCorleone is said to have contacted Ebony’s management for a feature on a single and was charged an amount of 5000$ approximately 2250.00GHC before they can agree to work on the collaboration..
Ebony seems to be dominating the music scene with her recent hits and performances with lot of credit going to her and the management for Their hard work in maintaining both positive and negative feedback’s.

But just as GH music is pushing for support your own Agenda how then do an established brand like that of Ebony charge a Promising Talent who is already helping himself with his own resources to that amount before they agree on a feature i see this as a reason for many failures in our music industry if we can’t support our young one’s with talent to Grow how them do we grow either…

Ghana music needs Unity let’s not fight for ourselves but remember to feed others as there lies our Greatness…

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