MI Abaga fears for the life of colleague Falz and has called for maximum protection for the rapper and lawyer.

After releasing ‘This Is Nigeria’ which stoked controversy in the country, Falz is out with yet another controversial piece titled ‘Talk’, a socio-conscious record that addresses critical happenings and advises the youths to be wary of greedy politicians.

Produced by Yung Willis, the video sees the rapper criticize the corrupt practices politicians engage in, as well as issues regarding Christianity and tribalism in the country. 

The video, themed in a video game format sees Falz driving around town alongside his team while different scenes relating to the lyrics play out. 

The visuals portray a young boy playing a video game in which he controls Falz. Given the options to “Save Nigeria”, “Relocate to Yankee” or “Join Gang”, the boy chooses Falz to save his country, dressing him up as a judge or the leader of his own party. 

The overarching message of the song and accompanying music video is that people should not be afraid to talk about the problems they face as talking is the first step in solving issues.

Having watched the video and the message it puts across, MI Abaga is of the view that Falz’s safety should be prioritized.

“Falz needs to be protected at all all all all cost people,” his tweet reads.

Falz was heavily chastised following the release of ‘This Is Nigeria’. The song was later banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) on the basis that it contained “indecent and vulgar” lyrics.

The artiste however argued that it was wrong for the NBC to ban the song because it was not a vulgar, rather, it’s a socially-conscious piece of art which addresses some the current issues facing or challenging the country.

He later filed a one hundred million Naira (N100,000,000) suit against the NBC as he deemed the Commission’s decision as wrongful and unconstitutional.


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