A Deputy Minister of Information, Pius Enam Hadzide was yesterday dealt with by Facebook users after he wrote a message to console and sympathize with families who have lost their loved ones because of the absence of footbridges on the Adentan-Madina Highway.

On his facebook timeline, Pius had sought to share in the pain of residents of the two towns but the young politician could not end his post without drawing in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) which completed the road but could not fix the six designed footbridges before leaving office.

According to him, the NDC needed to be exposed in the face of the unfortunate incidents because it was due to their inactions that has led to the over 190 deaths within a year.

Pius Enam Hadzide writes: “My condolences and sympathies to the families of all the accident victims of the Madina-Adenta road. Government commitment to fixing this and many other challenges that it inherited remains resolute. We shall fix this in the shortest possible time.

Meanwhile we must call out the NDC for attempting to take undue advantage of this unfortunate incident and engage in opportunist politicking. We are where we are today primarily due to their 8 years of inaction.”

But some Ghanaians will have none of that as they asked him to keep quiet if he had nothing worthy to tell angry Ghanaians.

Franklin Asare-Donkoh Jnr Is showing sympathy the only things u guys know. U see sometimes its better u shout ur mouth than to talk. What rubbish? Two years in office with c50b loans and bonds and ur government has nothing concrete to show for? How many lives were lost under
Benjamin Kwame Azorsu Ask them NDC was not good thus why we voted for you.Soo why are still talking about NDC this NDC that are you okay.This someone they are using my tax to pay to come and complain to us useless
Patrick Avormey He is minister of misinformation and corruption affairs
Franca Nyarko It is very sickening and disappointing to see people who have been elected to solve the very problems that they accused the previous government of not fixing even after two years of being in office still equalling and making excuses. We want a proactive…
Worlanyo Wemegah Governance is a continuity Pius Enam Hadzide. Governments are voted out for one infraction or the other and new ones voted in to fix the mess.

We pay you lot with hard earned tax payers money and we expect you to get serious and work to fix the many challenges bedeviling the masses not to come engage in gerrymandering and cheap propagandist rhetorics as ministers of state!

Hell yes! I am pissed off reading that hogwash nonsense you put out there! Partisan politics has its pl

Ahwenepankasa Ama Frema Opoku-Dapaah You know sometimes it’s better to keep quite so we believe you are wise. Worlanyo Wemegah don’t mind those people. Human lives na they are doing politics.. One day it will happen to them.
WorPercy-Fynn Nana Kwabena Kusi-Adjei III At least this Pius guy all does is speak and get paid!
Has he ever been a problem solver since his appointing including from that cheap visa fraud that got him fired temporarily and reassigned?
If he must be assessed in any sound thinking government,
Philip Quaynor We are watching some ppl hu claim to be apolitical and have suddenly found a voice.
Charles Agbelie You ended on a bad note. You’ve rather pushed the emotions of the people. Bad communication…. Pull this down on your wall…my advise pls
Nathan Quao Anyigbanua Mr Deputy, have you been pushed to post this or you were really touched by the situation and want to help solve it?

Checks by ghanadat.com this morning show he has pulled down the post and rather written a more consoling and assuring one, telling residents the footbridges will be constructed.

He wrote “We shall fix the inherited challenges including the Madina- Adenta footbridge challenges. Sympathies and condolences to all who have been adversely affected. You have spoken loudly and it has been heard clearly. Let’s remain calm at this point. We are with you!!!!”

By Gifty Arthur/ghanadat.com

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