Musician and movie director, Kobi Rana, has again brushed aside rumour that he is homosexual.

Kobi says, he is unperturbed about constant tagging of him as gay, because it does not bother him. He adds that rumour about his sexuality is part of the profession he has chosen for himself.

According to him, he has intentionally refrained from answering questions about the subject, because he does not care what people do in their private rooms. He maintains it is non issue, as far as he is concerned.

“That issue when I go for interviews, I don’t waste my time on it …..that people will sit down and say I am gay. It is none of my business because this kind of work we do, people can saying anything but I don’t waste my time on it, I am focused on the work.

My focus is on the job, the money and the people. Even that topic, I have never responded to, because I don’t have time. I see it as concert, it is a waste of time to discuss such an issue”.

The musician, who also acts and dances, said this during an interview with Akwaa of Angel TV on the show “E-update” on Friday.

Asked if he would like government to legalize homosexuality Kobi said, “It is none of my business, even if someone in her room will insert yam into his private part I care less.

By Gifty Arthur/

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