Actor, Prince David Osei has revealed he once had sex with her pregnant wife who was being prepared to deliver their first child.

According to the actor, he had to do it to hasten the process of delivery. Appearing on Ghone TV’s adult programme ‘Duvet’ a while ago, Prince David, whose family lives abroad said he had to do it in the labour room, even though his wife was shy.

He explained that his wife feared the medical professionals will notice when she was being delivered of the baby who happened to be a boy.

He revealed, his wife was delivered through Cesarean Section, yet he made love to her who by then was in deep pain to pave way for the child.

“My first child, she was going to have CS and she was new to it so she didn’t know what it was about—they were going to cut her.

I was in the room with her, they came to insert something and my son was like daddy, you need to do this to make way for me, I had to do it. She was like they will see it and I said they won’t see anything”, he said amidst laughter.

Husbands are advised to make love to their wives as it induces labour.

By Gifty Arthur/

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