Kenyan doctor wants FGM legalised


A Kenyan doctor has filed a High Court petition for female genital mutilation (FGM) to be legalised.

Dr Tatu Kamau told the Daily Nation that adult women should be allowed to choose what they do with their own bodies:

Much as we want to protect the girl, there are many women who have been harassed and jailed in the last three years. Once you reach adulthood there is no reason why you should not make that decision.”

KBC adds that Dr Kamau said in court yesterday that this is not about underage girls, but the “campaign is only meant to safeguard the dignity and rights of the woman”:

While filing my petition I didn’t have the girl child in mind but only wanted to touch on the issues of adult women.”

The Daily Nation reports she told journalists outside the court that legalising the procedure, where parts of the vagina are removed, would make it safer:

Female circumcision is practised differently from one community to another, but it can be made safe. It is a minor surgical procedure that does not require anaesthesia or being put into a theatre.”

The Standard reports that in 2011 a new law made it illegal to conduct FGM, with a punishment from three years to lifetime imprisonment.

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