My 5-year old child has suffered stroke-Woman who invested in DKM and Menzgold cries


Customers of Menzgold continue to count their losses months after the gold dealership firm, was ordered by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) to close down.

 Stories have been told of how some lost their marriages, jobs, suffered serious ailments and even died as a result of their lock up investment at the firm whose Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM1, is allegedly in the custody of Dubai authorities for another business gone bad.

Aside the many deaths that have been recorded because of the collapse of the firm, perhaps the worst of all is a story of a poor five year old, who has suffered stroke.

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Mother of the child, Maame Serwaa, who narrated the sad story recently on Accra FM’s “The Citizen Show”, told host Kwabena Bobie Ansah, her case is a terrible one.  

Maame Serwaa who did not explain how the child suffered the sickness, said she is so broke that she’s unable to take the poor child to the hospital.

“Some of us are mad just that we are not on the streets that’s why you see us as sane people. In my case, I am a single parent and now my child is suffering from stroke, she’s with my mother but I cannot even raise money to take the child to hospital”. Maame Serwaa did not only invest in Menzgold, she also put her money in defunct DKM years ago.

According to her, she understands when people attack her and blame her for her woes because after the DKM debacle, she needed to learn a lesson but she never did leading to her current state.

Having invested GHc70, 000 in Menzgold and GHc50 in DKM, Maame Serwaa said she is done with ponzi schemes.

Asked why she didn’t learn anything after the DKM fiasco, she said as a business woman, such businesses are bound to come her way but she’s learned her lesson this time however bitter.

“I accept the criticism, DKM should have been a lesson but I have learned something now”.

Unlike some of the customers of Menzgold who benefitted greatly before it shut down, in the case of Maame Serwaa, she never gained a pesewa.

She said in the case of Menzgold, a month after she was introduced to the business by a friend, it was asked by SEC to stop collecting deposits which led to it shut down.

She also told a story of another customer called Betty who invested GHc400, 000 into Menzgold. Betty who was based in Kumasi after the shut down suffered cardiac arrest and died.

Despite the gloomy nature of the whole Menzgold saga, Maame Serwaa said she has been praying and she is hopeful that NAM1 will one day come back to Ghana and pay them their moneys.

By Gifty Arthur/

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