NLA allocates GH¢10 million to reconstruct Military Stadium at Burma Camp


The Director General of the National Lottery Authority (NLA), Kofi Osei Ameyaw, has announced a GHc¢10 million package for the reconstruction of the Burma Camp stadium at the national capital.

The gesture is part of an elaborate agreement, reached between the Veteran Administration of Ghana (VAG) and the regulator, NLA.



A sod cutting ceremony will be performed soon to start work, the NLA boss told the media during the signing ceremony recently in Accra.

“The Minister for Defense informed us about the appealing nature of the military stadium at Burma Camp. We agreed to assist them rebuild it and so that is what the money is for”.

Mr Osei Ameway said, the work of old service men, is very important to the nation, reason they are collaborating with the Administration, to efficiently work to rake in the needed revenue due them, so that they can greatly  benefit from it.

“A nation that does not honour it gallant men and women, is not worth dying for and so, we have decided that, we are going to collaborate with VAG. So, the first collaboration agreement is what we have agreed to do today”.

The signed agreement with the leadership of VAG paves way for the NLA, to bring to it control, all private lotto operators, who hitherto were licensed by the Administration.

With this agreement, private lotto operators, will have no authority to work under the old system, unless they register with the NLA which now wields the power to license operators for lotto business across the country.

The short ceremony which was attended by Board Members of both VAG and NLA, begins a new and strong relationship between the two bodies.

Under the new dispensation, private lotto operators, have six months to register with the NLA for license, since the law and power that VAG welded through an Act of Parliament, has been handed over to the regulator, for a period of five years subject to renewal.

Director General of the NLA, said the agreement would ensure the two bodies mutually benefit. This brings to an end the era where the two frequented court over one issue or the other.

Mr Osei Ameway said, the agreement would also end, the periodic seizure of equipment of lotto operators who operated illegally without recourse to VAG laws, as henceforth, all operators will be expected to register for license.

Executive Director of VAG, Rtd Gen. Capt. Edmond Ben Duah, described the agreement as “A new dawn and a bright future” for the retired army officers adding, “The lives of ex-service men are going to change for the better”.

Capt. Duah said, it was gratifying to see the signing of the agreement, especially during his time and thanked the Minister of Defense; Dominic Nitiwul. He hoped the new agreement will lead to further collaborations which will be beneficial to his colleague ex-service men.

NLA also presented a cheque of 220, 000.00 comprising monthly GH¢120, 000.00 contribution to the Administration and GH¢100, 000.00 for their healthcare.

By Gifty Arthur/



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