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I’m into only white rich men now, most Ghanaian men are jobless – Ellen Mensah


Ghanaian actress, Ellen Mensah, has dropped a bombshell against Ghanaian men.

According to her, she is not interested in dating Ghanaian men because most of them are jobless.

She also added that because they are jobless they like wasting ladies time.

The budding actress further revealed that she is now into white men only.

Ellen stressed that, it is not all white who qualify but very rich ones because poor men can’t approach her.

She made this known when she appeared on the Delay Show hosted by Deloris Frimpong Manso.

YEN.com.gh had previously reported how Ellen has admitted paying huge sum of money to get the fair skin she has now.

According to the actress, she had to take injection which cost about 2000 pounds to bleach her skin.

In an interview, she revealed how she got such light skin even though she was dark skin.

Source: yen.com.gh

Shatta Wale walks off stage as fight breaks out among fans at Legon Hall artiste night


It was all fun and laughter at the Legon Hall Week Artiste night until Shatta Wale walked off the stage bringing show to an abrupt end.

Shatta Wale was the headline artiste for this year’s concert also known as the Artiste Night which was the second edition organised by WatsUp TV in partnership with the Legon Hall of the University of Ghana is to mark the 67th anniversary of the hall and climax its weeklong activities.

It is unclear what started the fight and eventual disruption in the performance of Shatta Wale but according to sources, some students were aggrieved that the Dancehall King who was expected to perform live was rather lip-syncing.

The students in their bid to protest the lip-syncing of the headline artiste got into some altercations with the bodyguards on stage with Shatta whiles others went ahead to put off the lights causing Shatta Wale to walk of the stage and the show coming to an abrupt end.

The event which was the official Artiste Night with WatsUp TV was supported by SHOB Group, Itel Mobile, Endowed Entertainment, Aftown, 369 Live and Mega Campus Concert.

Source: ghanaweb.com

Facebook launches new Artificial Intelligence tool to help ‘revenge porn’ victims


Facebook is introducing a new AI tool which will detect and remove intimate pictures and videos posted without the subject’s consent. It claims that the machine learning tool will make sure the posts, commonly referred to as ‘revenge porn’, are taken down saving the victim from having to report them.  

Facebook users or victims of unauthorised uploads currently have to flag the inappropriate pictures before content moderators will review them. The company has also suggested that users send their own intimate images to Facebook so that the service can identify any unauthorised uploads.  

Many users are reluctant to share revealing photos or videos with the social-media giant, particularly given its history of privacy failures. This is the latest attempt to rid the platform of abusive content after coming under fire after moderators claimed they were developing post traumatic stress disorder.  

The company’s new machine learning tool is designed to find and flag the pictures automatically, then send them to humans to review. Social media sites across the board have struggled to monitor and contain  abusive content users upload, from violent threats to inappropriate photos.  

The company has faced harsh criticism for allowing offensive posts to stay up too long and sometimes for removing images with artistic or historical value. Facebook has said it’s been working on expanding its moderation efforts, and the company hopes its new technology will help catch some inappropriate posts.  

The technology, which will be used across Facebook and Instagram, is trained using pictures that Facebook has previously confirmed were revenge porn. It recognises a ‘nearly nude’ photo, for example, a lingerie shot, coupled with derogatory text which would suggest someone uploaded the photo to embarrass or seek revenge on someone else.


I turned down $150k bonus because I couldn’t comprise on my values – MTN CEO


Every person has some core values they would want to stick to in life but at times, veer along the line when the going gets tough.

This situation is not different from that of the Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana, Selorm Adadevoh, who turned down $150,000 bonus because he wanted to uphold his integrity which is one of his values in life.

According to him, “Last year, I walked away from $150,000 bonus because what I had to do did not align to my value. I quit my job in Haiti because I couldn’t take that money from anyone. It did not align to my value, no alternative”.

Recounting the number of times, he’s been in a dicey situation which could lead him to becoming a millionaire or a more successful person in life, he said “Integrity is the value that made me quit my job. There was a cost to it and that wasn’t my first time. It happened three times in my life where I walked away from becoming a millionaire or something else but because of my values, I stayed broke and today, I’m the happiest person in the world because, I have no weight”.

Speaking to stakeholders at the MTN summit in Accra, he stated that, people’s values are being challenged at the work places or anywhere they find themselves but it’s up to them to make their values stand tall and make a bold decision as to whether or not to be for it.

Noting that, “success without value is not success, and if you really want to make it in life, you need your values to be what defines what your limit”.

Admitting the fact that, the youth are energetic and corruptible, he urged them to fine-tune themselves to their core values to be better people in future without any “weight” on their shoulders.

Source: ghanaweb.com

‘When I have sex with men, it’s very feminine. I’m feminine in many ways’ – British Gay singer, Sam Smith says


British Gay singer, Sam Smith sat for a candid interview with Jameela Jamil on ‘I Weigh Interview series,’ where he discussed what a ‘non-binary’ and ‘genderqueer’ identity meant to him. 

In the interview, the 26-year-old four-time Grammy winner admitted that he has regularly questioned if he wants a sex change. 

‘You do not identify in a gender. You are just you. You are your own special creation. That is how I take it. I am not male or female. I think I float somewhere in between – somewhat on the spectrum.’ 

Giving further context, Sam responded: ‘I’ve always had a bit of a war in my body and my mind… I do think like a woman in my head at times.

‘I’ve sometimes sat there and questioned, do I want a sex change? It’s something I still think about, but I don’t think it is,’ he explained. 

Sam also revealed he has always been ‘very free’ when it comes to thinking about his sexuality. 

‘I’ve tried to change that into my thoughts on gender… when I move, when I have sex with men, it’s very feminine. I’m feminine in many ways – and I’ve resented that,’ he stated.


Ungrateful NPP starving NET 2, others – Kennedy Agyapong roars


New Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand, Kennedy Agyapong has taken his party to the cleaners for being ungrateful to media houses under his Kencity Media empire despite the sacrifices made by these outlets to the fortunes of the party.

He observed that lately, Oman Fm and NET 2 TV are not even invited to important functions citing instances he has been to such events where some media houses were present without his, MyNewsGh.com reports.

The Assin Central lawmaker is angry that they are also denied advertisement which will help the companies run in order to enable them continue to provide the needed services that inure to the benefit of the NPP.

“Wow, what ungratefulness. When you talk they say your boss is rich…even the ocean it still rains inside. Give them adverts to run their company. Even if you go to programmes…a lot of programmes I have attended I notice NET 2 is not always invited. We have already been living our lives before now. They will go round and still return to us”, he disclosed on Oman FM monitored by MyNewsGh.com.

This is not the first time the maverick politician is complaining about ill-treatment being meted out to his media houses he owns.

Mr Agyapong last year vowed to teach the NPP a lesson when it begins processes for its “People’s Assembly” and need media coverage which he has always offered subsidiaries of Kencity Media for.

He said there is a deliberate scheme to starve his businesses of funds because some people are saying he has a presidential ambition for which they are sabotaging him, and to him, such claims are very funny.

The tell-it-as-it-is said he will throw out the party when they knock on his media empire’s doors in 2020 because they are now using other media companies to run ads. He was particularly saddened about the treatment being meted out to Ash FM in Kumasi.

“Last week I was in Kumasi, Ashh FM. Regional minister and Wontumi, me I will mention names…” Ken Agyapong began in his usual style.

“I know they will start things…. what’s the name of that thing …people’s assembly… yes. I am watching to see if they will invite us to cover live. They will see. The Adverts me I know. I know. Today they have their preferred radio stations they have been working with. I am waiting for them. 2020, I will walk them out!” He fumed.

“I am saying I will personally walk them out. One deputy minister who they spoke to said ‘as for you people Ken will look after you.’ Look at that” Ken said in anger.

Source: mynewsgh.com

VGMAs want to mafia us – Praye


The twentieth anniversary of the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards may have its fair share of controversies this year as well, just as those of the previous years, because the troubles of this year’s awards have begun quite early.

Just after the organizers of the awards, Charter House Ghana, released the list of the nominees for this year’s awards yesterday, March 15, the rebranded music group, Praye are up in arms because they failed to receive a nomination in the category of ‘Best Group’.

According to various post sighted by zionfelix.net on the Facebook page of Choirmaster, a leading member of the group, they were the strongest group in the year under review because after their big comeback at the 2018 VGMAs, they have played various shows and that none of the other group nominated come any close to them.

Praye Tiatia further states that even though the awards is in its twentieth year, the organizers, Charter House, have failed to learn because they keep committing the same unpardonable mistakes.

He also emphasized that because they have seen that the organizers want to intentionally ‘mafia’ them, they have decided that they won’t make an appearance at the awards.

Source: zionfelix.net

I’ve stopped sharing nudes of myself – Akuapem Poloo


Actress, Rosemond Brown has revealed that she has put an end to sharing semi nude photos of herself on her Instagram page and will never walk that path

According to her, she has seen what she termed the light and will never return to that darkness.

Rosemond Brown who spoke to Y3 Kasa TV in an interview monitored by MyNewsGh.com, mentioned that Kofi Asamoah of Kofas Media fame has called on her for a new movie; an indication that she’s moving to a higher height and therefore she will need to comport herself.

She noted that the things she has been doing on her social media are not right and since Kofi Asamoah has noticed her and given her a role, she will work to ensure that she puts up a good behaviour.

AkuapemPoloo as she is affectionately called became popular for being controversial and sharing semi nude photos of herself.

Source: mynewsgh.com

Joseph Yamin slams Ofosu Ampofo


Former Ashanti Regional Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) Joseph Yamin has accused the National Chairman of the party, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo of stabbing him in the back in the wake of a disclaimer issued against him by the party.

According to him, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo whom he helped to win the Chairman position failed to reach him to establish the veracity of a comment he’s alleged to have made on vigilantism and looked on for the party to issue that statement which has put him in a bad light.

The leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has invited Joseph Yamin over his comment that the party will not disband vigilante groups associated with them.

The party has since dissociated itself from the claims by Yamin.

Mr. Yammin, a former deputy sports minister under the erstwhile Mahama administration, according to media reports says the main opposition will not heed to calls by the President for the two main parties to break up their vigilante groups or such organizations associated with them.

In a statement signed by its general secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the NDC said the position of the former deputy Ashanti regional minister does not represent the views of the party on the vigilante menace.

But Yamin insists the executives treated him unfairly when they rushed to publicly disown him when they hadn’t heard from him.

“At least the National Chairman has my phone number when he was seeking to be elected he called me several times wanting my support. He’s gotten what he wanted, today he’s the National Chairman so when there is an issue concerning the person he used to call while campaigning, he suddenly loses the person’s number and decide to deal with the person publicly instead trying to reach him privately to find out from the person if what is being attributed to him is indeed what he said.”

He added: “What about the General Secretary, what about the National Communications Officer, what about the National Organizer, today none of them have my phone number. They’ve decided to issue a statement which put me in a bad light which has gotten people attacking me about something I’m innocent about simply because your own party has disowned you.”

Source: kasapafmonline.com R

Deputy Education Min. talks as if he didn’t attend basic school in Ghana-CCT Pres


Government has incurred the wrath of some teacher unions following it decision to privatize the country’s basic education under the Ghana Partnership School (GPS) policy.

One of such groups, the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) of Ghana, has expressed disappointment over the policy which is seeking to create a partnership between government and private entities, to take over the management of some public schools.

The group has also descended heavily on a Deputy Minister in charge of basic education, Dr. Yaw Adutwum, who has been explaining government’s position on the policy.

On Wednesday, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum as usual tried to make a case for the policy. But President of CCT, King Ali Awudu who vehemently disagreed with the Deputy Minister, chided him saying the politician’s utterances appear as though he never pass through the country’s education system before traveling abroad.

According to the teacher, there are fundamental problems at various levels of the sector, acknowledging it is the responsibility of government, to find solution to them. In his view, some of the things government needs to do is to invest more into the sector, provide incentives to teachers in rural communities and so on, rather than worsening the already bad situation.

In a phone interview with TV3’s Martin Asiedu Darteh, King Ali expressed disappointment about the situation and wondered why Dr. Adutwum, is still acting in that manner especially so because he has had the benefit of both Ghana and foreign systems as an educationist.

“Why is the Deputy Minister behaving as if he did not go through basic education in the country? It is disappointing to hear someone who has had our education and that of outside, talk this way. Instead of finding lasting solution, you are talking of partnership?

 He alleged, it has been the intention of government and for that matter the Deputy Minister over the past two years, to privatize the sector as they are scheming to implement. To make government’s case good, Mr Awudu said government, has deliberately been starving these schools with the needed resources to run efficiently.

“You see, this issue of government privatizing schools did not start today. Over the past two years, they have internationally been starving some of these basic schools of the necessary resources, so that they won’t perform”, he said.

He also indicated the group was never consulted by government adding they came into the discussion after they intercepted certain documents covering the policy.

“We have never been engaged throughout this entire partnership school thing we only intercepted documents and then we decided to come out to tell government that what they are doing is recipe for disaster” Mr Awudu added.  

By Gifty Arthur/ghanadat.com


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