Tic Tac doesn’t have money, better car than me – Pope Skinny


Rapper Pope Skinny says he has more money than colleague, Tic Tac.

Reacting to a recent group chat, the Asuoden god claimed the ‘Kangaroo’ hitmaker called him a snitch, who he believes leaks all information in the group to his best friend Shatta Wale.

But, Pope Skinny claimed he never expected Tic Tac to make such a comment about him since he is not his friend.

Speaking on 3 FM, Pope Skinny said Tic Tac cannot match up with him in terms of wealth.

“When the fans love you, even when you fool, they still follow you. But in Ghana when you’re no more relevant, just try featuring Jay Z, you’ll still remain irrelevant.

“Tic Tac called me a snitch… he’s not even my friend. Tic Tac doesn’t have money than me and he doesn’t have a better car than me. I drive Benz and none of them drives one… The fact is they can’t afford it.

“Shatta Wale is my bosom friend but that doesn’t mean if you and Shatta have problem so you’ll see me as an enemy.

Even Prodigal is now our friend. We’re not fighting this battle with weapons. It’s a lyrical battle so if you and Shatta Wale have issues and because of that you call me a snitch then I have to hit back at you.” Pope Skinny stated.

Shatta Wale was reported to have said that veteran artistes such as Tic Tac VVIP, Obrafour and Lord Kenya lived extravagant lifestyles during the peak of their career and are now broke.

According to Shatta Wale, none of them made money when they were in their prime, instead, they were interested in traveling abroad to seek greener pastures.

The dancehall act had also said Tic Tac was not a smart artiste.

But Tic Tac responded explicitly that he is bigger than Shatta Wale in all aspects of life.

Source: Livefmghana.com

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